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Website Service Pricing


Many elements go into the planning and development of a website, which are uniquely tailored to suit your needs. Some ventures demand intricate detailing and comprehensive programming, while others merely want a simple tool to remain competitive. Whatever your individual needs, Lofthouse Productions makes them achievable and attractive to both your budget and your target audience.

We have provided a basic fee schedule to help you determine where you fit in. Prices are for general estimate purposes only and will vary depending on your specific needs.


BASIC OR INDIVIDUAL SITES START AT $450+ (Comprised of 1-2 html pages, featuring image emphasis, stylistic design and search engine optimization [SEO])

COMMUNITY GROUP OR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION SITES START AT $750+ (Can be comprised of 2-4 pages, custom design, dynamic content, image emphasis, SEO and a contact form).

ENTREPENEUR OR SMALL BUSINESS SITES START AT $1,200+ (Can be comprised of 4 or more pages, menu navigation, image gallery with transition, contact form, SEO, custom design, stylistic branding and dynamic content)

CORPORATE OR MEDIA SITES START AT $2,500+ (Can include comprehensive site branding, multiple contact or feedback forms, current events, dynamic multimedia content, template customization, SEO, content creation, emphasis is paid to visual and advertisement layout, interactive forums, member generated features, e-Commerce potential, content management system and flash animation)


Training and Technical support is offered at an hourly rate of $65, however, technical support is complimentary as part of our Content Management Service.

Content Management Service fees are set at an hourly rate of $65.



Note: prices are dependent on individual preferences and are not intended for quoting purposes. Elements such as multimedia animations or e-Commerce programming can significantly increase costs.